About Us

When first starting Hüntz Chop, it was about getting out streetwear to people at an affordable price. I saw a certain brand put out a hoodie for $150, and I was like why though?


Hüntz Chop has always been about making clothes that I would wear personally. As time has passed, the core themes of what I want to do with it haven’t really changed much: to make affordable clothing without compromising on the artistic vision or quality. What started as a statement against streetwear brands for overpricing their customer base has become a more focused idea about how to create pieces that can be appreciated at a more reasonable cost.


On the other side, Sus has become its own thing. Short for the term suspect, in the context of Hüntz Chop its all about something being off but you just don’t realize it until later. Imagine the logo that looks familiar on first or passing glance, but when looked at more carefully you realize is not what you expected at all. That is Sus. Hüntz Chop is Sus.

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